At HodeiCloud SL, we have always believed in the potential to grow and expand our horizons beyond our borders.

With that goal in mind, we embarked on an adventure to bring our innovative
solutions in technology and digital marketing to new international markets. Today, we are thrilled to share news that marks a significant milestone in our journey: the recognition and support of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia through the Internationalization Program 2023.

Internationalization has always been a fundamental pillar in our growth strategy. The path to global expansion comes with its challenges, from understanding foreign markets to adapting our offerings to diverse local needs. However, with the support received, we feel more prepared and confident to face these challenges and seize the opportunities presented in the global scene.
This project has been financed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia within the Internationalization Program 2023, an initiative that supports forward-looking companies like ours, to increase their presence in international markets. This support not only reflects confidence in our project and in the potential of HodeiCloud SL but also highlights the importance of public-private collaboration in fostering competitiveness and business innovation.

With this boost, we focus on two key markets: Chile and Japan. These countries represent significant opportunities due to their growing demand for cloud services and digitalization, especially in emerging sectors. The grant will allow us to carry out essential activities for our expansion, including market research, development of entry strategies, and adaptation of our solutions to local

We want to express our sincerest gratitude to the Provincial Council of Bizkaia for their support in our internationalization project. This recognition not only strengthens our determination to move forward but also reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence. As always, at HodeiCloud SL, we continue moving forward, innovating, and seeking new ways to offer value to our customers, now with an even more global vision. We are excited about what the
future holds and committed to sharing every step of this exciting journey with all of you.

This project has been financed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia within the Internationalization
Program 2023.

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