HodeiCloud is part, as a partner, of the ACELERA PYME program to help companies in their digital transformation.

Acelera Pyme, which depends on Red.es, was created to help SMEs and freelancers in order to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on their activity. In this way, the entity makes available the resources of collaborating entities, such as HodeiCloud, to promote digitalization and teleworking solutions among SMEs and the self-employed.

Among the programs promoted by Acelera Pyme are financing solutions, technological solutions, advice, cybersecurity recommendations and measures to promote talent.

HodeiCloud focuses its collaboration on the Digital Transformation of SMEs program, which aims to provide advice and digital support to small and medium-sized companies. However, it is not the only program within the ICT sector, as there are other initiatives such as Digital Talent, Artificial Intelligence and enabling technologies, etc.