HodeiCloud: Cloud Computing technology

HodeiCloud is an R+D+I company dedicated to Cloud Computing technology, document management, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Specifically, it has developed the iHodei platform, a comprehensive virtual desktop in the cloud based on Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence technology, adapted to the needs of freelancers and SMEs, facilitating the digitization of companies and offering them the migration to 100% cloud platforms, without the need for users to require high IT skills.

Access to all your tools

HodeiCloud S.L. offers you the iHodei tool. With it you will be able to access your job at any time and place. Wherever you are.

Access to all your office programs, emails, ERP, CRM, databases, operating systems…

Avoid stress and unnecessary journey

With HodeiCloud you can attend your emergencies from any device.

With a single click you will have access to your workstation from your own smartphone or tablet.

Accessible for any company

In HodeiCloud we have created a tool that allows any company, SME or freelancer to access a service that until now could only be accessed by large companies.

HodeiCloud migrates to the cloud all the system and programs used by the company so that you have access at all times.

Save money and increase productivity

A proven technology, with cloud storage, that will save you money and hassle.

It will allow you to be always prepared for any eventuality.

What are you waiting for?


Our Commitment

Your data, your programs, your backups…


Because HodeiCloud helps you with security and makes your company's working hours more flexible

With HodeiCloud, there is no difference between on-site and off-site work and it is always safe and secure with our backup systems.

Because HodeiCloud makes teleworking easy

Facilitates the activity of your employees through their own virtual desktop and centralizes their orders and daily administrative tasks in real time.

Because HodeiCloud allows time and geographic flexibility

Connect to your virtual desktop in the cloud from anywhere, with any device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because HodeiCloud is more economical

Working with a virtual desktop in the cloud is much cheaper than maintaining expensive computer equipment, networks or backups. In addition, it allows your company to grow without making costly investments to expand workstations.

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