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Your business on the cloud with HodeiCloud

Protect your company and all your information against virus, impacts, malware or disasters of all kind. We create and keep safe backups of your server every day.

Why a Virtual Desktop in Cloud?

Our commitment

Your data, your programs, your backups…

HodeiCloud’s Virtual Desktop is your solution

Because HodeiCloud helps you with your Security and adjust the worktime of your company

The times of exclusively face-to-face work have passed and more and more employees want to work from a dynamic environment, at least one part of the working day. With HodeiCloud there is no difference between face-to-face work and remote work, being always safe and sheltered with our backups system.

Because HodeiCloud facilitates telecommuting

Supply the activities of your workers with your own virtual desktop and focus in your orders and your daily administrative procedures in real time.

Because HodeiCloud allows you time and geographic flexibility

Connect to your virtual desktop from everywhere, with any device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because HodeiCloud is more affordable

Working with a virtual desktop on the cloud is much cheaper than keeping expensive computer equipment, networks or backups. Also, it allows your business to grow up without an expensive investment for expanding jobs.

The most important thing

HodeiCloud allows you focusing in your business

The informatic of your company will stop being a problem for you and you can focus your attention in the method to gain money; your business.

Always with you

To HodeiCloud your tranquility is our belief

We are by your side, we know each other. We talk about your idea and we understand your necessities. Personal care and excellent service are our credentials. We are not a multinational neither a call center. We are by your side and your tranquility is our belief.

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